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One is supposed to have a brief intelligent introduction on a web page, but one never knows what to write without seeming pretentious or silly. I don't know how many I've read thinking, “what a git”. But some gits take great photos and that's what counts. Met one of the gits recently, and let my tell you, he's even more obnoxious in person. Sad reflection on humanity, especially when the majority of other photographers, even though they are the competition, are generous and helpful.

It was when I was working as a sound man for a small thankfully short lived band back in Montréal, that I got a taste for photographing music. It was suggested I post some of the images, so here we are. Rather than design a complex site that takes years to download and which getting around is both slow and frustrating, I've kept phatfotos dead simple, so you always know where you are, and for those of you without fat fast lines it's relatively quick. It's amazing how many web designers have these squitty little text, blog, news, or whatever boxes ones spends ages scrolling up and down trying to read the small text.

This site is as much a portfolio as an archive for music fans - there are a lot of images for those who can't get enough of a band - so some are a little dodgy. There's also a link through to each band's official website - if I can find it.

Photographing bands in venues where the lighting is diabolical has it's challenges, so I mainly shoot digitally. You know what you've got before you leave the show.

This page is always under construction - since it's a trade off - any page not under construction implies a relationship under destruction......

I've only posted recent stuff. The page is organised by band/artist so one can find any performer and also by venue where the links are duplicated. If I have shot a band more than once, earlier images are sometimes linked in the band's page.

Other galleries will get dropped on the page as time goes by, with or without stories. Enjoy the images. Email me if you have any comments.

tim holt

very hot and sticky florida, may 2010

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